Research: The Importance of Delving into Research

October, 2015

Research: The Importance of Delving into Research

Before we can even THINK about designs, we must research everything there is to know about a client’s history and heritageWe take the research phase extremely seriously because to be able to create a range of designs that are completely unique, it is essential to have strong ideas. We actually go further than most to find that one reference that will elevate our uniforms into a truly unique experience for each of our clients. Being based in the heart of London is fundamental to be able to have access to inspiring places on a regular basis such as the British Library, the Barbican, the V&A and Dover St Market to name but a few.

We have been commissioned by the Grosvenor House Hotel to create a uniform for their soon to be re-launched Park Room restaurant. Our design team headed over to The British Library to uncover some inspiring stories about the iconic hotel. Did you know Grosvenor House was the first hotel in London to have an indoor ice rink? We actually uncovered a really interesting book about the scandals in the hotel. We hit the jackpot! One story from this book actually became a feature in our designs.

The story begins at a debutante ball in the hotel where young ladies from aristocratic families are introduced to society. During the celebrations, a python and some white mice were discovered amongst the guests. The mischief maker was never found, but the incident created quite a stir among society and was sure to be documented in this book.

Our designers loved this story as it was the least expected turn of events! The moodboard below shows how the python is already inextricably linked to luxury, and how the story was included into the design story.

The moodboard inspired by the Python Story in the Grosvenor House
The moodpboard inspired by the Python Story in the Grosvenor House

We can give you a snippet of the designs we have created for the Park Rooms, using the story we have found through our research


Grosvenor House Park Room Collection copy

If you ask our MD Jane ‘Which story uncovered by research is your favourite’ She would answer with the Bird Story, discovered while talking to The Savoy’s in- house historian. The story actually became the main focus of the uniform created for the Savoy’s tea room ‘The Thames Foyer‘ The story, from the Edwardian era goes: A family arrived at the Savoy excited for a weekend in the city, Mother, Father, Daughter and Nanny.  On their first day they visited the bustling Covent Garden with the colourful flower stalls and exotic bird stalls. The little girl enjoyed looking at the exotic birds, but asked her Nanny why they were in such small cages. This must have stayed with the little girl because the very next day, she left the hotel with her Nanny only to return with the cages of birds in tow. Before the staff knew it, the cages were opened and the birds were flying around the opulent Thames Foyer, to the shock of the diners sitting below. This story inspired us to create the beautiful tailcoats. We created a bespoke bird print in-house to be used as an opulent lining throughout the range.

The Savoy Bird Print by Studio 104