A Day at The Savoy Presenting their new Luxury Uniform

September, 2014

A Day at The Savoy Presenting their new Luxury Uniform


Studio 104 headed to the Savoy to present our latest bespoke uniform for the Thames Foyer afternoon Tea room.

Wow wow wow. Yesterday myself and my team had the pleasure of presenting the new Savoy Hotel Thames Foyer uniform designs to the executive board, including the Hotel’s managing director..

Our preparation for this meeting was extensive, ensuring the smallest details were thought of. The samples of our exclusive uniform were pressed and sealed for our journey to the Hotel.

We arrived, ladened with garments, accessories, rails and models to find that our presentation room would be in the Royal Suite. The name says it all……a suite for Royalty that costs an astounding  £10,000 a night to stay in!

The door of the Royal Suite

I have never seen anything like it in my life. A hotel room fit for a queen. Bigger in square footage than the average person’s house and only the best views of the Thames and far beyond.

An ornate reception room within the Royal Suite

Today was another one of those surreal moments where I took a deep breath and thought back to the day I began Studio 104. Did I ever think only a few years on that I would be presenting to the Managing Director of The Savoy Hotel in the Royal Suite??Of course I would.

Ambition and passion can take you anywhere. Oh and a lot if hard work.


The Studio 104 Team Jane Porter in her fitting before the meetingJane in her Royal Suite officeModel fittings


Jane Porter, Managing Director and Founder

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