Halloween Costume Inspiration: Iconic Uniforms

October, 2016

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Iconic Uniforms

Today marks the day we celebrate Halloween, more traditionally known as All Hallows Eve, and finding the perfect Halloween party costume can be quite the task. To give you some ideas, we’ve selected some of the most iconic uniforms, some being Studio 104 clients, that you can give a devilish go this Halloween.

The doorman jacket we designed for Quaglino’s restaurant in Mayfair is the perfect combination of black and gold, and would make for a warm look this Halloween. A black overcoat, gold tie and top hat will finish the look.

Quaglino’s Doorman Jacket

For the glamorous Halloween fans out there, the Virgin airline uniform is one of those instantly recognisable uniforms that’s just the right kind of quirky for Halloween. Grab a red blazer and skirt and lots of hairspray! The Virgin Atlantic uniform below was designed by Vivienne Westwood in 2014.

Vivienne Westwood’s Atlantic Uniform Designs

The Savoy Butler is an iconic role at the hotel so grab your tailcoat and add a few buttons! This eerie image of an old-style butler in uniform is very Halloween-esque!

Butler Uniform

Warning- you may be asked to sing the ‘who you gonna call’ song a few times, but it will be worth it to hunt the ghouls in this Ghost Busters uniform! We particularly like the khaki utilitarian jumpsuit style of the ghost buster uniform. Very this season Stella McCartney!

‘Who you gonna call?!’ Ghostbusters!

This Sci Fi classic is a Halloween favourite; join the Star Trek crew for the night in red and gold! We love their detailed gold accessories.

The Iconic Star Trek Uniform

We think the men in the cult TV show Sons of Anarchy wear a pretty cool uniform- we love their leather jackets with the wonderful applique sewn onto the back. Grab your aviators and leathers and join the motorcycle gang this Halloween!

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Gang

Channel old school army sergeant style or make like the modern military this Halloween in classic army costumes.

Traditional Military Uniform


Modern day Army Uniform

Continuing with the old school theme, Oscar de la Renta’s re-design of the brownie and scout uniform in 1980 could provide you with inspiration.

Oscar de la Renta’s 1980 Brownie and Scout Uniform Design