The weird and the wonderful – Isabella Blow inspiration for designer uniform

January, 2014

The weird and the wonderful – Isabella Blow inspiration for designer uniform

With an increasing demand for designer uniform, comes an increasing need for a bank of inspiration.  Today I’m off to visit the Isabelle Blow exhibition at Somerset House to fill up that bank.

Like any uniform designer (or other designer for that matter) there are two ways I’ve learnt to avoid creative block – spill ideas now, think practicality later.  Also absorb the world around you like a sponge and you’ll always have ideas at your fingertips before the next big project. Take a look at this link to see the dress I designed for the Savoy Hotel’s Beaufort Bar. Not like uniform at all hey!

The Isabella Blow exhibition was a good reminder that to create great designer uniform, you have to think outside the box.  Indeed at points I felt like I’d fallen down the rabbit hole and popped into an alternate universe.  An aristocratic eccentric, Isabelle made some of the biggest names in fashion – Alexander McQueen, Philip Treacy – styling their earlier shows and wearing their work.  The exhibition highlighted the seductive secret to the biggest names in design – as well as their ability to create beautiful clothes, they weave a fantasy and story that we can all share in the real world. If you would like me to create something truly beautiful for your next big project visit our inspiring website here.

– Elise Gustilo, Designer at Studio 104

Isabella Blow Exhibition

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